The world is connected.

March 26, 2024

It has been reported that the worst attack in the past decade, perpetrated by Islamic extremists, occurred in Moscow at night on the 22nd. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Putin’s reelection in Russia, it’s concerning to consider the potential impact on Japan amidst these developments.

Many people may feel it has been changing around the world since the middle of March. There was an earth quake in Ibaraki, and this attack in Moscow. For myself, some sad events had been occurred. There may not be any connection. But still, I have a feeling that world is changing.

Have you been heard of the story of six blind men describing about an elephant?
Six blind men touch an elephant and each describes.
One touches its leg says, it is like a pillar.
One touches its tail says, it is like a net.
One touches its nose says, it is like a branch.
One touches its ear says, it is like a fan.
One touches its belly says, it is like a wall.
One touches its fang says, it is like a pipe.

Each other says totally different thing, but still, they are all talking about same one elephant.

The attack at Moscow, an attack at Ukraine, an earthquake in Japan, lifting the negative interest rate, the event happening in these few weeks may not have any connection. But maybe from different point of view, it might be connected.

To see the shape of an elephant, we cannot do it alone. We have to gather information to see.
There may be something we could do for the world.
We each could find what we could do

Some people say there is no conflict between anything.
Everything in the world has connection, affects each other.
When someone starts praying for the world peace, that affects others.
At some point, all the people in the world start praying for the world peace.

IISIA will realize Pax Japonica. This starts from one person.
And each could think what we could do for Pax Japonica.

Corporate Planning Group
Risako Ikeda