Our Mission

Giving the People Hope and Future

Our goal is giving all the people hope and future.
Integration beyond borders, incubation and
advisory for innovative human resource,
and R&D to expand information literacy are our tools.

What is “Future Analytical Scenario” ?

The “Future Analytical Scenario” is the leading future scenario published by the
IISIA twice a year. From the viewpoint of Japan, the third largest economy of the global community, it tells you what is imminently to take place both domestically and globally.
Remarkably, what is written in the analytical forecast, is almost always followed
by the related realities, while the author applies unique methodologies such as
cutting-edge algorithms for artificial intelligence and “adaptive unconscious” in
accordance with the ultramodern phycology.
While the full version of the “Future Analytical Scenario” used to be published
solely in Japanese, a short extract of the latest version is shown below in English.

About Us

Founder’s Message
Japan seems to be isolated, which is in fact
not the case. She is rather historically dedicated to lead the
entire global communication, once it gets
involved more and more with tremendously
complicated situations on the earth.
At the dawn of the upcoming era, Japan,
the country of “rising sun”, is abruptly about
shine brightly again.
It’s the “Pax Japonica” that really matters.
Takeo Harada
CEO of Institute for International Strategy
and Information Analysis, Inc. – IISIA

Company Overview

Company Name
Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA)
Takeo Harada Founder / CEO
2 April, 2007
TEL: +81-(3)6256-0960
FAX: +81-(3)6256-0959

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