What is “Future Analytical Scenario” ?

The “Future Analytical Scenario” is the leading future scenario published by
the IISIA twice a year.
From the viewpoint of Japan, the third largest economy of the global
community, it tells you what is imminently to take place both domestically
and globally.
Remarkably, what is written in the analytical forecast, is almost always
followed by the related realities, while the author applies unique
methodologies such as cutting-edge algorithms for artificial intelligence and
“adaptive unconscious” in accordance with the ultramodern phycology.
While the full version of the “Future Analytical Scenario” used to be published
solely in Japanese, a short extract of the latest version is shown below in English.

Extract of the “GENESIS”, Future Analytical Scenario released in January, 2022:

“This time is different”, is the key phrase we shall focus on while predicting the world events in both the short and long term right now. The reason is that Japan, the country with the previously lasting stagnation both socially and economically, will be particularly targeted by investors from all over the world. From March/April 2022, they will begin to massively make investments to the Japanese financial market, which will soon turn out to be the very beginning of the “Japan Bubble Economy”.

The point is the global investors tend to invest to rather SMEs and ventures with outstanding technologies in Japan, while they refrain from having large stakes in Japanese traditional large companies. By using modern financial tools such as “SPAC” in Japanese version, they make massive injections of global money into promised the Japanese SMEs and venture companies.
This will lead us to the beginning of a new era with a series of challenges and changes all over the world.

Since Japan is a country which normally used to effectively learn and elaborate new products and technologies originally threatening its existence in an accelerated manner, it is the current “digital transformation (DX)” that will be highly developed and expanded by Japan from now on. Thanks to such a previous digital threat, Japan will be revitalized, flourish and even become the world-class missionary of the digital transformation.

Having said that, Japan won’t be able to evade the upcoming default of her public debt, which will happen approximately from April/May, 2024. Facing the total loss of both national and social securities, the Japanese will be forced to change the being of their own county completely. Even the Japanese Imperial Household will have to change its historical traditions and rules, which will be followed by various turbulence in the Japanese domestic politics.

Even in the amid of such a total change of the Japanese society, the people will find out that there will be some technological way-outs for the future. One of them is a ultramodern digital technology in terms of “operator” instead of the four arithmetic operations to be rapidly developed by a group of Japanese scientists. Thanks to the development of computational science using the newly invented operators, Japanese computer and digital industry will begin to thrive again, and give huge impact to the entire global economy and community, while even the usage of anti-mattery technology will be elaborated in a correlation with the Japan-made “Operator Revolution”.

While Japan is about to experience these total changes in her society and politics, other parts of the world will be forced to leave its previous structure dominated by the United States step by step. The US carefully tries to build up a new world order jointly with Russia and PRC, which will be called “Global Joint Governance”. Nevertheless, the US can never evade the total collapse of its social and political structure, while its competitors, Russia and PRC will also face their own irreversible changes towards the next era of the human civilization from 2025.