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March 06, 2024

By Abe former prime minister initiatives, the National Strategic Special Zones was enforced in various areas in Japan. In this blog, the possibility of KING SKYFRONT is introduced with a concept of “ME-BYO” put forward by Kanagawa University of Human Science.

KING SKYFRONT is an open innovation hub that creates new industry from the world’s highest standard R&D; it is one of the most advanced R&D zones for life science and environment fields, which is expected to grow globally.


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”KING” is an acronym for “Kawasaki Innovation Gateway” and reflects the name of the town “Tono-machi” with “Tono” meaning “feudal lord”. In addition, “SKYFRONT” is a reference to its close location to Haneda Airport, which connects Japan to the rest of the world.

Kanagawa University of Human Science is researching “ME-BYO”, which is promoted by Kanagawa Gov. Yuji Kuroiwa. Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier health policy package centers on the concept of “ME-BYO,” which, in traditional Eastern medicine, is defined as neither healthy nor sick. Kanagawa Prefecture builds upon this concept by classifying the body’s condition as being in a state of constant transition that cannot be strictly categorized as being either healthy or sick.

Addressing ME-BYO does not stop at a patient’s symptoms of illness, but rather it strives to address the body’s condition as a whole and encourage people to take a pro-active approach to health. This means that individuals are supported to maintain health and prevent the onset or further progression of disease through lifestyle-based approaches that complement medical approaches. And in Kanagawa Prefecture where there are a variety of natural resources, the prefecture has created a ME-BYO strategic area where ME-BYO strategies are on-going.

Issued in January 2014, the “Kanagawa Manifesto of Curing ME-BYO” explains the ME-BYO strategy to the public and outlines areas of focus. As described in the Manifesto, this strategy is built upon two pillars: cultural integration of the ME-BYO concept and community cooperation toward a common goal. To achieve health through “curing ME-BYO,” the strategy focuses on diet, exercise, and social participation.

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This idea is on-going for social implementation for global society. For example, WHO put forward their idea, “ICOPE (Integrated Care for Older People)” for quality of life for aging people. Additionally, some researches look at the process how aging people will better off their lives.

<Successful Aging Model>

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Considering the fact that some global works, such as the successful aging model, only aging people have been focused on in the history. However, the concept of “ME-BYO” will give a new perspective for society over well-being.

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Our vision ,“Pax Japonica” is a process that Japan will give a role model to global society, rooted by a declining birthrate problem with increase of aging people. “ME-BYO” will be a key to realize our vision and worth been watched closely in the future too.

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